The incubating LONARKRAT lab & venture [LNR]
features: e-HoReCa* instruments
services: sys-innovation | wifi-architecture | usx-application
delivers: HoReCa / Event / Bizz – wifi APP’s | cloud & mobile integration

Honored to host its founder at partnering BT-company’s to sync. in Amsterdam, the LNR initiative is introduced to explore & strenghthen representation as dedicated frame to our digi-CLUSter
Required orientation on co-design / development opportunities in (frugal) sys-design & e-servicing tools has been renderered possible by granted EYE facilitation.

More information and details on LNR’s skills, venture and lab-linking potentials can be found soon in the [update] section of our website – If you’re inspired in e-HoReCa / sys-innovation / frugal Portal design and/or wifi product development, kindly leave a comment to this post and/or contact us at: