Trans-disciplinary Advisory, customized Assembly and Execution force

Validee sources innovation and endorses development – potentials,
in: Governance; new-Business and sustainable-Wealth.

Institutional instruments, business tools and pioneering venture techniques – customized for each relation, empower strategic projection, research and implementation in viable eco-system / business creation; value chain innovation; – up to crosss-sector facilitation, for new-markets / transitional regions to emerge, (or disrupt).

Fostering circular development and social innovation, Validee cultivates inter-related expertise, services, teams and supply – that, framed by ingenious matrix configuration connects assessments & key requirements bearing Valorization, provide trans-disciplinary reach & capacity –
to address venture growth; asset performance; and policy impact, in Europe and beyond.

for Enterprises; Universities; Institutes; public Organizations; Venture Pioneers; leading SME’s; Business Angels; ethic Capital; driven NGO’s..
and the industries, markets, regions, communities – their teams & organizations.represent

Sourcing Valorization

Strategy Projection | Trans-Disciplinary Design | Governance Impact

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    Value & Impact

  • Explore

    Survey / Application

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    Channel & Source

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    EXE implementation

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    Reserch & Design

V instruments
Ethic Investment | Circular Industries | Reflective Communities

Designed to indentify & endorse asset, venture and policy potentials – Validee functions as dynamic ‘Valorization Agency’, that strengthened by academic & business alliance, as well through network & institutional affiliation – delivers strategic projection; trans-disciplinary & concurrent design, facilitates thematic research; eco-system incubation; and boosts assessment capability & impact.

Find access to required expertise; funding, strategic partners and instruments to project & prosper innovative industries, responsible business – triggering fair trade and inclusive progress

Validee explores emerging markets, monitors geo-political induction and experiments in social / subliminal trending. Skilled in uptake of surveyed excellence, tech and expertise – the agency incorporates inter-related services modules, as abstracted (in the icons, logo’s, headers and artwork ) on this webpage – aimed at tailor making of instruments sourcing value, vision and valorization.

A dynamic constellation for co-creation trust, open to a wide range of organizations to connect to.
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for more details on themes, phases, deliverables and our art in valorization

Validee - Business Valorisation (re) Defining Value, from Idea to Progress

Multidisciplinary Advisory | Valorization Strategy | ec Project / idea & Best Practice Development

thematic Research | new Business Modeling | Value Chain Creation & Development

thematic Sourcing | si Network care | csr Ecosystem Creation & Development

Venture Launch | new Business Application | ec Programme affiliation & implementation

Benchmarking | fair Trade Intermediary | Market Operations & Stakeholder care

ENDORSING development

Market Implementation | Business Intermediary | FRAME Assembly & Account

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    Growth & Requirement

  • Pioneer

    Theme & Application

  • Assemble

    Excellence & Skills

  • Bench-Mark

    Branding & Trending

  • Lead

    APP support

D Tools
sustainable yield | inclusive growth | Inter regional excellence

Trans-regional excellence, asset performance and sustainable yield – equipped to endorse innovation & development missions – Validee bureau’s direct cluster initiatives; host framework associates; and facilitate incubation hub’s – to map, assemble and deliver thriving market & policy applications.

Successful conduction for business ventures, Ministerial assessment, market introduction and asset exploit – experienced in connecting cross-sector expertise, modeling trans-regional trade and services assembly, – provide deep insight, analytic and multi-disciplinary faculty – to abstract, benchmark and launch ‘new’ service levels, ‘frugal’ innovations, ‘glocal’ pilots and viral applications.

From niche to norm – powered by a wide span of inter-connected skills, corporate tech, rural excellence and strategic liaisons – Validee audits opportunities; programms requirement and provides customized tools for corporate, venture development & chain performance – that enable inclusive growth & value innovation – fostering UN goals, EC priorities and Regional ambitions

A viral framework for thematic co-development trust, is open to a wide range of stakeholders to connect to.
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for more details on services, tools, supply and how we direct growth.

Validee - Business Valorisation engineering Sustainable Yield, from Niche to Norm

thematic Advisory | Cross Sector Strategy | Venture roadmap / mind Mapping & Project Design

thematic Assembly | new Business App’s | Services / Product Optimization & Engineering

Human Capital | Team formation | Service Assembly Management sme Services & Units

Corporate identity | Company incubation | ec Excellence Formats & Best Practices

Branding | Public Relations | Events media Channeling & Dissemination

Operations | fair (retail / trade) Intermediary | csr Service Benchmarking & Venture growth

PROJECTing realization

Business incubation | Corporate Reputation | Pilot / Project / Services – Account

Partial realization in assessment & outsourcing of activities, Validee’s matrix of interrelated services – enable contracting and supply with a wide range of ‘Pro’ services, as abstracted (in the icons) below:

advisory & design – Skills

innovation & incubation – Hubs

business & intermediary – Frame

source & affiliation – desks

Validee access

Devoted to trusted and quality partnerships, we seek therefore teamwork and long term commitment with our relations. The Validee group does not easily put its brand to anything unless it lives up to its principles. This is what we want to live up to: we are ambitious to deliver innovative yield & social value.