A frugal PORTAL as effective co-design / creation tool
Surveys on cross-sector / trans reglonal cooperation support – showcased quite some ‘online cooperation issues’, due to the wide variety of online portals / sector habbits, channels and applications used.

Enabling trans disciplenary / regional parties or taskforce to engage to specific objectives / projects / initiatives – .finds each time execution (management / account) tasks or coordination roles – to study, adapt and/or integrate and/or re-search interface / connectivity solutions –etc.. as each relation / project partner / consortia member -etc has different (digital) tools & app’s for data, planning and work flow management (like drive, calendar, task management systems –etc) to match, as well as different platform usages to access, learn and install software for
Loosing presious time – experiencing / surveying / researching & solving a multitude of issues – triggered the idea and need to frugally design a “pragmatic digital portal” for MSME’s / venture launches / interim execution and/or cluster initiatives (think of agencies/ project-bureau’s / consortia development – etc) – enabling to administer, run and further shape their own (digi-neutral!) cloud and functionalities – to profile, direct and invite their connections to – instead of using third party and often restrictive free-ware / cloud options – as provided by Google, Microsoft or Yandex –etc..
Taking in account furthermore connections to organizations in different countries, government bodies and academic institutions and current Geo Politics / Privacy concerns – “net & storage” neutrality for such portal is desired and can be critical. From top level innovation perspective data & ideas should not pass other (business / intel) parties

Thanks to the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs programme, granting the Lonarkrat initiative LNR lab a fruitful exchange at our IT partners in Amsterdam – provided Validee the desired taskforce to configure a first prototype A-PORTal – a frugal / net neutral / open source / EU regulated – etc – easy access & free of charge on-line application – to facilitate (thematic) co-design and foster / source CLUSter development.

Kindly contact us for more info and/or (thematic) access to the A-PORTal