dynamic Valorization Lab

Validee© embodies a dynamic constellation of inter-related expertise, services, teams and supply – that framed by ingenious matrix configuration, connect assessments & key requirements bearing Valorization, – shape an unique trans-disciplinary agency, aimed to address venture growth; asset performance; and policy impact – for its relations.

A European consortium of advisory & services bureau’s, represent Validee as incubating Valorization agency, and host dedicated teams that form thematic expert groups; develop pragmatic management consoles; and establish affiliated desks – to support: strategic advisory; academic research, frugal innovation; agile implementation; and project realization – for stake-holding parties / communities in new-business development & social innovation in Europe, Asia, Middle East and North Africa.

Designed to source co-creation & eco-system ambitions – equipped to endorse innovation & development missions – the agency incorporates framework associates; directs cluster initiatives; facilitates frugal labs / incubation hub’s – to enable, assemble and execute thriving market governance applications – in asset, venture and policy valorization.

dynamic constellation & agile configuration

Validee Network

Trans-disciplinary Advisory, customized Assembly and Execution force,
for strategic Assessment & agile Support – in performance, growth and impact quests’.

Validee explores emerging markets, monitors geo-political induction and experiments in social / subliminal trending. The agency is skilled in cultivating surveyed: ideas; new business models; performance techniques; good governance practices; knowhow; trends and potentials – to configure trans-regional excellence, project market opportunities and endorse sustainable yield.

Bureau teams, group members, framework partners and desk affiliates, provide academic research; innovative tech; proven formats; leading expertise; sector insights; data access; experience and more – modular integrated / incorporated in the Agency’s services matrix – leverage: strategic vision; thematic consult; and agile support, for its relations to connect to.

Programmatic studies; knowledge exchange; grant design; project development up to venture funding and pioneering pilots, find strategic liaisons – that include network adhesions; institutional engagement; nonprofit support, to further extend Validee’s constellation to gather ideas; spot niches; value opportunities, as well as strengthen the agency’s capacity to mold tools; direct taskforce and customize instruments – that prosper new value, induct circular and inclusive progress in Europe & beyond.

from niche to norm

Innovation in skills; Excellence in applications; Multi-disciplinary in techniques; Impact in value – connect to Validee to source, endorse and prosper!

From idea generation up to growth accomplishment, the agency’s constellation hosts ‘know-how’, experts, skills, and experience, – that enable a multitude of customizable service components & deliverables – and compliant to the agency’s trust, offer agile assessment gear, source innovation and endorse development,

for leading sme’s; pioneering enterprises; research labs; ruling institutions;
venture pioneers; public organizations; ethic investors; grass-root initiatives
& the industries, regions and communities they represent

In line with UN goals, EU’s 2020 strategy , EC flagship themes and CSR norms, Validee serves Governance impact; Business growth and inclusive-Wealth.

Validee Valorization Matrix
ID-Execution Validee