Where handicraft meet clients

Manufacturing, servicing and skills – Kleeia is a portal (prototype) that facilitates contracting of craftsman, manufacturers and (creative) professionals.

Targeting specialist maintenance skills and requirements for e.g. luxury / leisure assets (think of yachts, vintage cars, interior design, etc.) > up to daily needs (such as house improvements, repairs, gardening) – the Kleeia portal furthermore exposes design, customization & assembly services, for a wide array of valuable goods / commodities.( e.g. like furniture, jewellery, music instruments, sports gear, artwork, technical equipment, etc).

In addition to a platform for individuals to find desired craftsmanship, expertise and products, Kleeia also addresses B2B outsourcing & supply potentials, and empowers artisan excellence & handicraft sales.

An innovative platform concept and portal design, converged into a mobile App and market niche “where handicraft meets clients”. For more information and portal insights kindly visit: Kleeia,com

Empowering excellence, promoting quality and supporting fair trading and trans-regional relationships – of value to a wide range of professionals, SME’s, (rural) businesses, cult and communities – the elaborated Kleeia-concept merges social and business yield, by means of an ingenious revenue model, triggering venture and investment potential .

Being selected ALPHA grant as promising early-stage start-up at held Web Summit 2016 in Lisbon (Portugal), underline global and investor interest in the ‘Kleeia Venture’

A platform / a mobile application where individuals find skills and craftspeople strengthen business.
Ongoing engineering and the objective of a global display, makes the Kleeia creators ambitious to meet Business Angels and inspiring venture support – to co-develop market impact.

Teamed up since 2015 to the Kleeia Venture, Validee engaged the opportunity with accredited support from the EU-programme ‘Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs’