is a business services bureau that provides trans-disciplinary advisory, molds instruments and customizes execution tools / force – in venture development, chain valorization and EU policy / market – impact.

As Validee cluster coordinator, the bureau has interest to function as exchange hub & incubation lab, that in cooperation with leading organizations in The Netherlands, could find ideal matches to the young and aspiring entrepreneurs as facilitated by the The European exchange programme for Entrepreneurs [EYE]

In addition to positive outcomes of exchange surveys and EYE-programme studies held in 2015,
the bureau encourages & assists leading SME’s / Venture initiatives, to engage in the EYE programme.
Affiliation the EYE-programme, enables to offer for 3 up to 6 months new entrepreneurs the possibility to work and find support from experienced entrepreneurs & leading SME’s, through the Validee framework in The Netherlands,

The bureau therefore functions as EYE-Host & new Venture Hub,
coaching new entrepreneurs and supporting hosting organizations

EYE exchange @
Current New Entrepreneur openings align to capacities in:
1. Business Administration – Plan writing & Funding instruments
2. IT System landscape / Cyber security / VR – Advisory & Engineering
3. organic Agro & co-generation – Advisory & Trade instruments
4. Media / Web – Design & Programming
5. European Project development – Grant writing & SME instruments

For EYE-orientation, eligible application & exchange openings in The Netherlands
feel free to address your interest by e-mail at: