Inclusive Luxury & Sustainable Leisure

Fostering sustainable tourism & circular hospitality in rural / niche areas,
Validee services stakeholders in Tourism, Sport & Business travel / events

it’s dedicated ISLA initiative, clusters stake holding parties allocated on various islands in Europe,
with the aim to facilitate chain innovation, support business development
and valorize culture & expertise of its inhavitants.

On the job and by means of dedicated pilot’s held,
the agency designs, tests and sources good practices to consequently cultivate related potentials,

See e.g. for more info:
B club
Bungalo de Veste

Providing access to the rollout of institutional & local instruments, such as EU funding opportunities,
Validee welcomes parties interested to establish integrating SDG / Blue economy / Hospitality Lab’s,
that currently are on the the agency’s agenda.

latest initiative e.g. see asd SPORT COMPASS

Partner for The Goals