Encoutering many innovative ideas, of which some of value to engage in venture uptake – we need to formalise matters in regards to ownership of the idea, the technology and more.
IP concerns and topics such as legal claims, cooperation with University’s / Research Institutes, integrating, combining or quitting additional initiatives and other related subjects – were addressed at a 2nd LS@W Expert Class

Perspectives and experiences were shared by Legal Professionals, Tech Transfer Officers, Investors
and of course from real Entrepreneurs.

As Validee monitors IP-requirement and fosters facilitation for MSME’s,
our bureau representation and attendance grant was assigned to hosted EYE New Entrepreneur, venturing duyum in Turkey.
who gained and reported for future uptake valuable insights

If interested in IP expertise & co-elaboration; EYE programme opportunities; and/or the Dayum venture,
kindly notify us @ contact@validee.agency and/or comment to this post.